Office branches from ABN AMRO

Our security measures

Your health and that of our employees is the number one priority. Please follow our security measures. Please only come to our branch for urgent matters and follow the RIVM guidelines when you are there.

Daily banking matters

Do you have questions about daily banking matters, such as making transfers or questions about your debit card or current account? Please contact us:

  • from inside the Netherlands:  0900 - 00 24
  • from outside the Netherlands:  +31 10 241 17 20 (normal call rates apply) 

Complex banking matters

Do you need advice on products, such as loans, mortgages or investments? Please make an appointment with one of our advisers. You can ask for an appointment at one of our brances or through Video Banking.



ABN AMRO has special staff with years of experience helping expats in the Netherlands. Our advisers can help you with your financial matters.