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My loan

View, repay and change your loan

View my loan

From the term to the next repayment date: find all you need to know about your loan on Internet Banking. Log in, click ‘Self service’ and find your loan under ‘Your products’ at the bottom of the page.

Additional repayments

You can easily arrange additional repayments yourself and it won’t cost you a thing. Simply transfer payments up to €50,000 using iDEAL. If you make an additional repayment, your loan term will shorten, but your monthly repayment amount won’t change. Additional repayments don’t show up right away, but you’ll see them with your loan details within 3 working days.

Download loan settlement statement

Need proof that you’ve repaid your loan? Your loan settlement statements are available on Internet Banking. Simply go to ‘Self service’ > ‘My loan details' and select ‘Calculate early repayment amount’.

Borrowing more

If you want to borrow more, you can apply for a new loan. You will then use your new loan to repay your existing loan.

Good to know about your changing your loan

You can reduce your borrowings by making an additional repayment on your loan. This will mean your debt is lower and you’ll be done repaying it sooner. No extra charge is made for additional repayments. 

Read more about additional repayments

Cancelling your loan won’t cost you anything extra and you can do it at any time. You do need to make sure you’ve fully repaid it first though. Simply go to Internet Banking to cancel it.  

  1. Go to ‘Self service’. 
  2. Select ‘Additional or full repayment’.
  3. Select ‘Full repayment’. 
  4. Repay the outstanding amount using iDEAL.

Read more about fully repaying your loan 

Once you’ve fully repaid your debt, we can cancel your loan. We’ll then also cancel the registration of your loan with the Dutch Credit Registration Office (BKR). BKR will retain your details for five years after that. Over this five-year period, other banks or official bodies will be able to see in your credit history that you had this loan. 

Cancel loan 

If you don’t have an outstanding balance and your loan hasn’t yet been terminated, please call us on 0800 - 024 07 11 (free of charge).

If you want your loan repayments to come out of a different account, just let us know.

Change your loan’s direct debit

Need proof that you’ve repaid your loan? Your loan settlement statements are available on Internet Banking. 
  1. Log in to Internet Banking. 
  2. Click ‘Self service’ (at the top of your screen). 
  3. Click your loan at the bottom. If you can’t see your loan, click ‘Show more products’. 
  4. Click ‘Calculate early repayment amount’.
  5. Download your loan settlement statement as a pdf. 
No Internet Banking access?
If you don’t have Internet Banking access, you can open a bank account. This will automatically give you access to Internet Banking.

Having trouble with repayments?

It’s sometimes tricky to make repayments on time, if you get a large bill you weren’t expecting, for instance, or your earnings are lowered. Read our tips to find out how to get your finances under control and make sure they stay that way. And if you’re still struggling, our debt assistance and budget coaching advisers would be happy to help.