U bent succesvol uitgelogd.


‘There’s always a bit of month left over at the end of my money’

Are you a big fan of online shopping but running low on cash this month? It’s often difficult to make ends meet each month. Still, with some simple saving tricks, you’ll be ready for the next big clearance sale.


Tip 1

Bring your own lunch? You bet! You can save a lot of money by resisting those lovely cappuccinos and tasty snacks. Money you can then spend on fun things. 


Tip 2

Money for nothing? It sounds too good to be true, but it is (true). Many stores offer student discounts, so be sure to ask about this at the till or when you order online.


Tip 3

Everyone enjoys sharing a nice meal, right? So, invite yourself over to eat at a friend’s place more often. This will save you a nice little sum. And when you do go grocery shopping, visit the outdoor market for a change.


Tip 4

In the Netherlands, it’s normal to only pay for yourself, hence the well-known saying ‘going Dutch’. If you go out for a meal with your colleagues and don’t split the bill right away, you’ll probably get a Tikkie payment request soon after, asking for your share of the bill.


Tip 5

Ever wonder why you see bike paths everywhere you go? The Dutch love to cycle, every day. It’s good for your health, you don’t waste time waiting for the bus or tram, and it saves you money you’d otherwise spend on public transport or a taxi.

Insurance for students

Even if you have health insurance in your home country, you may still need to take out health insurance in the Netherlands as well. And there are also other kinds of insurance that you would be wise to take out.

Studying and working in the Netherlands

Once you have decided, you probably can’t wait to start your study in the Netherlands. You will be busy finding a place to live, and maybe, you also want to find a job. Check on what arrangements you will need to make when planning to study and work in the Netherlands. 

Getting around in The Netherlands

Most Dutch people prefer to get around by bicycle, either a regular bike or an e-bike. If they need to travel further afield, they go by train or bus. Some cities also have a tram or metro.