Blocking your debit card

Lost your debit card? Blocking it is easy

In the ABN AMRO app

  1. Log in
  2. Select the card you wish to block
  3. Click ‘Block'
  4. Done! Your card has been blocked

Here’s how to block your card:


In the ABN AMRO app

Go to the app and click ‘Settings > Debit cards and wearables'. Select 'Block' next to the card you wish to block.

On Internet Banking

Log in using a QR code, or an additional card or the card for your joint account.

Not working online?

Call our Customer Service department on 0900 8170. We're here to help.
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No ABN AMRO app?

If you don’t use the ABN AMRO app, you can block your card on Internet Banking. You will need a different card associated with your current account in order to log in (e.g. the card for a joint account).
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Can’t block your card online?

If you don’t use the ABN AMRO app, and you can’t block your card on Internet Banking because you only had one debit card, please call our Customer Service department on 0900 81 70. We're here to help. In case of emergencies, for example if your debit card is stolen, call us on 088 22 62 630 (within the Netherlands only).