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Changing your payment profile

If you are travelling outside Europe, you will need to set your payment profile to ‘World’ using the ABN AMRO app or Internet Banking. This will enable you to make payments and withdraw cash wherever you are in the world.

How to edit your profile:



  1. Log in
  2. Tap 'Profile', followed by ‘Debit cards and wearables’
  3. Tap 'Debit card settings’, Select your debit card. Tap 'General settings'
  4. Change your payment profile under ‘Payments/withdrawals abroad’
  5. Confirm with your identification code or fingerprint

Internet Banking

  1. Log in and go to ‘Self Service’
  2. Under ‘Debit card’, go to ‘Manage debit card abroad’
  3. Select ‘Payments/withdrawals abroad’
  4. Select your debit card
  5. Change your profile and confirm your selection using your e.dentifier

Costs of cash withdrawal abroad

Keep in mind that cash withdrawals abroad costs money. You also have to deal with exchange rates outside of euro countries.
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Pin with a Europe profile or World profile?

Within Europe you can pay almost everywhere. Outside of Europe this is only possible if you set your profile to 'World'. Not sure whether you need to adjust your payment profile? View the countries where you can pay with Europe profile. Is the country you are going to not listed? Then you can change your payment profile to 'World' via the ABN AMRO app or Internet Banking.


Receive a reminder

Would you like to receive a reminder if you travel outside Europe and your debit card is still on Europe profile? Then open the ABN AMRO app, log in and go to 'Profile'. Choose 'Debit cards and wearables'. Here you can turn on the notification at 'Show reminder'.


Credit card

Great for travelling or when shopping online. Easily apply for a credit card online.


Annual travel insurance

Do you already have an annual travel insurance? Don't forget to switch it to 'World'. Then you're well insured outside of Europe too.


Blocking your debit card

Abroad it's easy to block your debit card as well. You can easily do this in the ABN AMRO app or Internet Banking. See how it works.