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Children and money

On their way to financial independency

A baby on the way

Having a baby is an exciting event! But there’s a lot you’ll need to take care of before the baby arrives, because the baby’s room, the midwife and maternity care won’t appear by magic. You’ll also need to take care of important financial matters, including after the birth.

How much will your child cost?

Although 'How much does a child cost?' seems like a strange question, it’s a good idea to take such costs into account when planning your finances. That’s why we’ve put together an overview of the main costs. 

Children and damage: are you covered?

Oops! Your child accidentally knocked over an expensive vase at your aunt’s house, or had a mishap at the babysitter’s place and broke something. Who is liable for the damage? You as the parent, or your child? 


More financial indepence with a financial health coach

Is your child 18 years or older? Your child can then make an appointment with one of our financial health coaches. They will look at your child's finances together, answer all their questions and give tips on how to plan for the future. The appointment is free of charge.


Your child is turning 18

From the age of 18, your child is financially liable according to the law – this means that there are some things that need to be arranged. Read about the most important changes in financial matters that you need to handle, so that your child is well prepared for this new chapter in their life. 


Gimi: the fun-to-use money app

Teaching your child how to manage money can be tricky, but it’s extremely important. And that’s why we’ve partnered with Gimi. Our young clients between the ages of 8 and 13 will now get free access to this fun-to-use money app.