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ABN AMRO to acquire BUX

Do you want to know more about the acquisition of BUX by ABN AMRO? We have listed the frequently asked questions below.

Frequently asked questions

It is possible for every investor to open an account with BUX via the BUX app. Until regulatory approvals are received for the acquisition and the acquisition can be completed as such, ABN AMRO and BUX will continue to operate separately.

After approval by the Dutch Central Bank, BUX will become part of the ABN AMRO group as a subsidiary of ABN AMRO and will continue to operate independently with its own app. This approval process is expected to run until the middle of 2024.

This is not necessary, you can keep any current account you want with BUX.

BUX is a digital and app-only investor platform. This means that all your transactions will take place via the BUX app, but also the communication is completely digital via the app and e-mail.

The BUX platform is an execution-only platform. On the BUX platform, non-complex products can be traded. Think about stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Through the BUX App you can easily manage and trade them. At ABN AMRO, depending on the proposition, you will find a more extensive range of both complex products (including options, structured products and private equity) and non-complex products. In addition to Execution Only, ABN AMRO also offers Discretionary Portfolio Management and Advice.

BUX currently offers an interest rate of 2.75% up to EUR 60.000.

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