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Youth account

Meisje betaalt sjaal zelf via haar Jongerengroeirekening

The account for youths up to 18


  • The account with a lot of benefits

  • Current and savings account in one

  • 0.10%  interest

The account with a lot of benefits

Is your son or daughter younger than 18? If he or she is, the Youth account (Jongerengroeirekening) is right current and savings account for them! Your child will have his/her own debit card so he/she can pay and withdraw money anywhere in the world. Your child will also have access to Internet Banking. And, your child will receive 0.10% interest over the full amount of money is in the account.

Jongeren Wereldpas

Configured to your child's capabilities

The Youth account (Jongerengroeirekening) teaches your child how to deal with money step by step. You determine which options your child is allowed and not allowed to use. You can set a limit for the debit card. You can also configure the system to send you a text or email every time your child transfers money.

Configure the account to your child's capabilities
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