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Apply for credit card

You can use ABN AMRO's credit card (MasterCard) anywhere in the world.

Credit Card Gold Card
Credit Card - Studenten Credit Card Credit Card - Gold card
more information
more information
Annual fee without payment package € 22.42   € 55.13  
Annual fee for package customers No extra charge for EasyPay Extra package customers No extra charge for EasyPay Max package customers
Standard spending limit € 2,500 *
€ 5,000 *

includes includes
Contactless payments vinkje_groen_klein vinkje_groen_klein
Purchase protection  vinkje_groen_klein 180 days 
vinkje_groen_klein 360 days
Luggage delay insurance  vinkje_groen_klein vinkje_groen_klein 
Flight delay insurance  vinkje_groen_klein vinkje_groen_klein
Car legal expenses insurance  vinkje_groen_klein
Excess insurance vinkje_groen_klein
button-apply-now-gecentreerd button-apply-now-gecentreerd
*You can apply to increase or decrease the limit on your credit card

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