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Buying a house

Your step-by-step guide to buying a house

Want to buy a house? Make sure you're well prepared

If you want to buy a house, the first thing you’ll want to know is how much you can borrow on a mortgage. You can easily calculate your maximum mortgage and monthly payment yourself, so you can set a price range for your home search and know exactly what you will pay each month.

Gratis orientatiegesprek als u voor het eerst een huis gaat kopen

Free orientation meeting for first-time buyers

If you're buying your first home or thinking about buying another house, you will have lots of questions. About things such as getting a mortgage, additional costs and how to make an offer on a property. Here you can read what you'll need to consider when buying a home. If you still need additional information or advice, you can request an orientation meeting, without any obligations.

Rental mortgage

Mortgage for rental property

If you’re moving and want to keep your current home to rent it out, you may be able to take out our Hypotheek voor verhuur (mortgage for rental property) if you already have an ABN AMRO mortgage. Read about the benefits and things to bear in mind to find out if it’s right for you.

Setting a budget

Calculating your monthly costs

When buying a house, you’ll want to know how much you can borrow on a mortgage, but also how much your repayments and mortgage interest payments will be. One of the things affecting your monthly costs is the mortgage type. These costs can also change during the term of the mortgage due to mortgage repayments or changes in interest rates.

With or without NHG?

When buying a home of up to € 405,000 , you can opt to take out a mortgage that includes a Dutch National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG). The Dutch Homeownership Guarantee Fund (Stichting Waarborgfonds Eigen Woningen) will then act as a safety net should, for example, your financial situation change. Your mortgage interest rate will also be lower.

Mortgage for the self-employed

Even if you have only been self-employed for one year, you can still take out a mortgage with us. Watch the video explaining how you can take out a mortgage if you're self-employed, how your self-employment income is calculated, and what you'll need to prepare for the first free mortgage meeting.

Searching for a property

Additional costs

Besides the purchase price, there will also be additional costs when buying a property. Some of the additional costs you pay in case of an existing property are the so-called purchasing costs (kosten koper), while no valuation fees and property transfer tax are payable when buying a newly built property.

Viewing a house and making an offer

It is sometimes difficult to look at a house objectively when it has attractive features such as a prime location or striking exterior, so we have compiled a checklist for viewing a house and tips for making an offer on a house. Once your offer has been accepted, the provisional contract of sale will be drawn up.

Buying a garage or parking spot

Because parking can be a problem in a city centre, you will often have to buy a garage or parking spot. The purchase price can be covered by your mortgage. You can discuss this with a mortgage adviser.

Taking out a mortgage with or without advice?

Free orientation meeting

The first orientation meeting about your mortgage options is free of charge. In this meeting the mortgage adviser will explain your mortgage options to you, as well as the different mortgage types and mortgage interest rates you can choose from. You'll then be able to determine whether you need additional mortgage advice.

Mortgage advice

At the next meeting, the consultancy session, we will examine your current and future situation in greater detail. This will be when you get comprehensive mortgage advice. When you get personal advice, you will be charged the advice fee. You will then also receive an advice report.

Mortgage without advice

If you know a lot about mortgages, you may sometimes be able to take out or change your mortgage with us without receiving advice first, which will save you money. However, you will need to do a compulsory knowledge and experience test.

Persoonlijk gesprek via Beeldbankieren

Mortgage consultation via your computer, tablet or smartphone

Are you looking for a new home and do you want to learn more about your mortgage options? We can offer you a video-based mortgage consultation from the comfort of your own home within 24 hours. We are available during evening hours and on weekends too. 

Just like a mortgage consultation at one of our branches, an initial consultation is free and without obligation.

Reasons for taking out a mortgage from ABN AMRO

Discount on your mortgage interest

Client discount of up to 0.2% if you have an ABN AMRO payment package. And a sustainability discount of up to 0.15% when you buy an energy-efficient home or take further sustainability measures.

Free orientation meeting

To find out more about your options, make an appointment  for an orientation meeting, free of charge. Wherever and whenever suits you best, by telephone or in a video call.

Manage your mortgage yourself

You can view and change your mortgage yourself on Internet Banking. From changing the interest rate to making additional repayments. It’s secure and easy.