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Guided Investing - Advantages

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Easy online investments

ABN AMRO's Guided Investing

  • Our fund managers will invest for you.
  • No charges for buy and sell orders.
  • Anytime insight into your progress in reaching your target amount. 

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Guided Investing explained

With Guided Investing, you invest in one of ABN AMRO’s funds. These funds offer a mix of various investment types, including shares and bonds. You can set your own risk level and keep track of your investment results. You can make changes at any time.

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Benefits of Guided Investing

  • You decide the level of risk you are comfortable taking.
  • You decide how much to pay in and when.
  • Anytime insight into your yields.
  • You can sell your investments whenever you want.

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How it works

You get instant insight into how much money you are investing, the progress you have made in reaching your investment target and your projected yields. This way, you always have the right information available to be able to make your investment choices.

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Guided Investing yields

The funds Risk Recommended term Average annual result (2013-2017)
Profile fund 1 very defensive 2 years 0,85%
Profile fund 2 defensive 5 years 4,00%
Profile fund 3 moderately defensive 7 years 6,65%
Profile fund 4 moderately aggressive 10 years 9,21%
Profile fund 5 aggressive 12 years 11,59%
Profile fund 6 very aggressive 15 years 13,94%

Source: ABN AMRO Investment Solutions. Yields as at 31/12/2017, in euros and after deduction of fees. Net dividends reinvested. Based on geometrical calculation method. The value of your investments can vary. Past results are not indicative of future results.

Investment cost transparency

Fees charged for buy and sell transactions have significant impact on your yield. With Guided Investing, you pay neither VAT nor buying and selling fees. You are, however, charged a service fee. We have compiled a convenient list of all the costs involved in investing for you for easy reference.

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Automatic investments of small amounts

Have some money left over at the end of every month that you want to put away for later, for your children or for something else? Combine Guided Investing with a free standing investment instruction for a chance of an even higher final amount. This will see you pay in a fixed amount every month, which you can change at any time on Internet Banking.

Is Guided Investing right for you?

  • You have some savings available.
  • You want a chance of higher yields.
  • You want someone else to do the investments for you.
  • You want to decide for yourself how much to deposit or withdraw.
  • You want to specify your risk appetite beforehand. 

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