Sustainable living

The benefits of an energy efficient home

We want to make the transition to a more sustainable society, together with you. To achieve this, we are increasingly offering sustainable products and services. Read on and find out which investments will benefit you both now and in the long term.

Een energiezuiniger huis

A more energy-efficient home

If you are planning to move or do up your current home, or are thinking about installing solar panels or a heat pump, or getting your home insulated, you could save a lot of money, your home will be more comfortable to live in and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment. Take a look at your options.

Financing your sustainable renovation


Using your savings to make your home more sustainable is the cheapest option and you will often save money on your energy bills right away.


You could consider taking out a personal loan to finance your sustainable renovation. The money will be paid into your account as a single lump sum and since you agree the term of the loan and the monthly repayment amount with us in advance, you’ll always know where you stand.


Various options are available if you want to finance your sustainable renovation with a mortgage. Make an appointment with a mortgage adviser to find out more.

Sustainability discount

If you buy an energy-efficient home or invest in energy-efficiency measures, you may be eligible for a mortgage interest rate discount of 0.15%. Find out whether you are eligible.

Earning back the costs

Improving the energy-efficiency of your home is an investment, and usually, you will in fact earn back the costs. Cavity wall insulation, for example, has an average return on investment period of around four years (source: MilieuCentraal).
Waarom doet ABN AMRO aan verduurzaming?

Why ABN AMRO is concerned with energy-efficiency

Built-up areas account for around 40% of CO2 emissions in the Netherlands. By making homes and offices more energy-efficient, we can reduce our carbon emissions together.

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