U bent succesvol uitgelogd.



Coping with the loss of a loved one can be very difficult and emotional. Bereaved family members and beneficiaries often have the added stress of dealing with paperwork and practical arrangements when their loved one dies. We are here to provide support and advice so that the deceased person’s financial affairs are properly settled. 

We can also offer advice that might not be directly related to the deceased person’s financial affairs but that could be relevant to your personal situation.


What to do when someone dies

We understand how difficult and painful it is losing a loved one. It can be challenging trying to cope with all the decisions and arrangements that need to be made when you are in a heightened emotional state. We would like to help you during this difficult time.


Settling financial affairs of a deceased person

After we have been notified of a client's death, all access to banking services will be blocked for the time being. We will explain in detail what happens with these services and what you can do to help us settle the deceased person's financial affairs.