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Secure banking on your mobile phone

We make strenuous efforts to ensure banking on your mobile phone is secure. It's equally important that you are aware of all you can do to keep your device safe and secure. For example, did you know that public WiFi is not secure? Read our information on secure banking.

What you can do to stay safe when banking online

  1. Keep your security codes secret

    We will never ask you for your  , either by phone, via e-mail, text message, WhatsApp or social media. Nor will we ask you to transfer money, or to log in directly to the ABN AMRO app via a link.

  2. Make your phone more secure

    Use the screen lock so that only you can unlock your phone using a code, pattern, Face ID or your fingerprint. Anti-theft protection will keep your data safe should you ever lose your phone.

  3. Check your device registrations on a regular basis

    Go to 'Profile> App > Device Registrations'.

  4. Use your own provider's network

    WiFi networks without a password or with a password that anyone can use are not secure. You should therefore always use your mobile provider's network.

  5. Update the ABN AMRO app regularly

    Always install updates for the ABN AMRO app and your device software (iOS or Android) as soon as you receive them. Or allow automatic installation of updates. That way you can be sure your device has the latest security patches.

  6. Only install apps from an official or reliable publisher

    Do not use apps made available through channels other than official app stores. Be careful if an app is asking for greater rights of access.

  7. Lost your phone? Make sure no one can use your ABN AMRO app

    Delete the device registration for your lost phone on Internet Banking. You can log in using your e.dentifier or by downloading the app on another device. This does mean you’ll need to reactivate the ABN AMRO app.
    Read here to find out how. 

    If you don’t have an e.dentifier or another smartphone or tablet you can use, request an e.dentifier.
    Please note that it can take 7 working days for it to be delivered.

  8. Our efforts to keep your banking activities secure

    • When you install the app, we will ask you to register your device. This will allow us to identify you by the device you are using to do your banking as well as by your identification code or fingerprint.     
    • Before doing your banking in the app, we ask you to log in using your identification code, your fingerprint or Face ID. This way, anyone else who gets their hands on your device will not be able to access your account.
    • All data exchanged between the ABN AMRO app and ABN AMRO is encrypted and uses a secure connection.
    • If you do not use the ABN AMRO app for 5 minutes, you will automatically be logged out.

    Read more about why banking with the app is secure.