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Investment funds - Fund selector

View and compare funds and ETFs

The fund selector makes it easy to compare stock prices and returns of a large number of investment funds and ETFs. You can search for a specific fund, or use the filters to find out what is the best investment fund or ETF for you to invest in. In addition, the fund selector allows you to search for investment funds and index trackers for sustainable investing. The detail pages provide information about a fund's strategy, its costs and characteristics, as well as in which regions it is invested.

For investment funds in our basic range, you do not have to pay any transaction costs. Select ‘Self Directed Investing Basic’ and ‘funds’ to see which funds are part of this range. As of 1 March 2022, in addition to the investment funds, you will not have to pay any transaction costs for the ETFs in the basic range. This selection can be found here .