Each bank has a unique BIC (Bank Identifier Code). ABN AMRO's BIC is ABNANL2A. The BIC used to be referred to as the SWIFT code.

When you will need to use the BIC (SWIFT)

You will need to use ABN AMRO's BIC when someone outside the SEPA area wishes to transfer funds to you. If you transfer funds to someone who has an account with a bank outside the SEPA area, you will need to specify that bank's BIC. The map shows which countries are in the SEPA area. You can also view the list of SEPA countries.
De landen die binnen het SEPA-gebied vallen.


As of August 2014, an IBAN is required to transfer funds. An IBAN makes payments within the SEPA area easier. You can find your IBAN:

  • on your debit card
  • in your account overview on Internet Banking or in the ABN AMRO app
  • on your printed account statements