Geld overmaken naar het buitenland

Transferring funds abroad

Making a transfer in euros to an IBAN takes just a minute in the ABN AMRO app! Transfers in a foreign currency can only be made on Internet Banking. Read on to find out how to do this. Good to know: you can make an international transfer whenever you want. You no longer need to enable this facility.


Transfers in euros

  • You can make transfers in euros to a euro account in a SEPA  country using Internet Banking or the ABN AMRO app.
  • If you are making a transfer to a SEPA country with a currency other than the euro (e.g. Norway or the United Kingdom), you will sometimes be charged  In that case, it may be cheaper to make the transfer in the currency of the country in question. Take a look at the fees.

Transfers in foreign currency

If you want to make a transfer in a currency other than the euro to a foreign currency account or a non-euro country (such as Norway or a country outside of Europe), you can only do so on Internet Banking. Read on to find out how. Please also note that special rules may apply to the country you are making the transfer to. You will sometimes also be charged


Restrictions apply for transfers to certain countries, which means that transfers are not possible, or are processed with a delay. The restrictions may be imposed by the Dutch government, by a different country, by us or by another bank.

To find out more, check the Sanctions measures foreign countries page.

Transfers in a foreign currency: how they work

Log in

Step 1: Go to and log in


Step 2: Go to your account overview

Select account

Step 3: Select your account

Select the account from which you want to make the international transfer.
New transfer

Step 4: Click ‘New transfer’

Choose currency

Step 5: Select the currency

  • Select the currency of the recipient’s country.
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer.
  • Enter the recipient’s details and select his/her country.
  • The details required can differ from country to country. Scroll down to read country-specific instructions.
  • Click ‘Send’.

Step 6: Confirm the order with the e.dentifier

Confirm using your e.dentifier and click ‘Send’. You have now made a transfer to a foreign account.

Frequently asked questions

When this happens, the recipient’s bank has deducted costs from the amount you transferred. If you made the transfer in euros, please contact us.
International transfers are now always possible, without a waiting period. You no longer need to enable them first in your settings.