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Opening an account for expats

Do you have a question? On this page you can read how you can contact us.

What would you like to contact us for?

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First time at ABN AMRO

Are you a relocation consultant or HR professional and would you like to start collaborating with ABN AMRO? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with our representative in your region.


Opening an account

If you’re already familiar with ABN AMRO and would like to open a bankaccount for your client, please contact our representatives by email. You can find the email addresses of our representatives below.

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Special requests

If you have a special request, such as opening multiple accounts in one go, opening an account for expats abroad or organising an information session, please get in touch with our representative in your region.

Our representatives


North-east and north-west regions

Stéphanie Cornets de Groot

Business Representative International Clients



Centre-west and south-west regions

Martijn Metzelaar

Business Representative International Clients



South region

Roeland Heywood

Business Representative International Clients


Why choose ABN AMRO?

We speak fluent English

All of the expat advisers are fluent in English.

Banking from everywhere - 24/7

With Internet Banking, you can transfer money from anywhere in the world. And our Mobile Banking app is available in English too.

Sustainable green banking

We want to make the transition to a more sustainable society. To achieve this, we are increasingly offering sustainable products and services.