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Life after graduation

We'll help you along the way


Just graduated?

You’ve just finished your studies. Congratulations! Be sure to convert your Student Package to the Basic Payment Package. This will let you keep the same account number and all the services you need.


Banking after graduating

If you’ve finished your studies, you’ll need to make some choices. Maybe you’ve already got your eye on your first real dream job. Although they’re not as exciting, your finances are just as important.

Post-graduation housing

Stay well insured

Your student insurance is no longer valid once you’ve completed your studies, so be sure to change your insurance and stay well insured. If your living situation is going to change too, remember to let us know!

Moving in together

Are you two moving in together? That's a romantic step in your relationship. Decorating your interior is just as important as taking care of your joint finances. We've sorted the things you need to take care of.

Your first own house

Thinking about buying your first house? Or maybe you’d prefer to rent? Take a look at the pros and cons of each.

Preparing for your future

Don’t put your pension on the back-burner

Retirement might seem like a long way-off, but you should start building up a pension right from your first job. If you fall behind, it’ll be hard to make up the difference, so start thinking about your pension today.

Try your hand at investing

Investing money can get you better returns in the long run than saving. However, it does involve risks, as you could lose your initial deposit. Getting started with investment is easy and you can do it for as little as €50 a month.