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Car Insurance benefits

Vrouw in auto gaat zorgeloos de weg op met de Autoverzekering

Hit the road with the right insurance


  • 75% premium discount if you have 5 claim-free years

  • Keep your no-claim discount, even in the case of theft

  • Favourable no-claim discount for second family car

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Good cover and excellent claims handling

The Car Insurance (Autoverzekering) covers you for damage you do to third parties with your car. This is the Compulsory Liability Insurance (WA verzekering), which everyone in the Netherlands has to have. You can extend this insurance to cover damage to your own car. This gives you the best cover at a sharp price.

No-claim accelerator

Your no-claim discount will grow quickly with ABN AMRO's Car Insurance (Autoverzekering). You get 75% discount after 5 claim-free years, and  25% discount if you don’t have any claim-free years. And if you extend the third-party liability cover (WA verzekering), you keep this discount if your car gets stolen.


Favourable no-claim discount for second family car

If you insure your second family car with ABN AMRO, you will receive the same no-claim discount as for your first car (up to a maximum of 75%).

High customer satisfaction score of 8.0

ABN AMRO customers rate the handling of claims with 8.0.

(Customer satisfaction survey 2014 by GfK)

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