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ABN AMRO Car Insurance has been updated

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Drive with confidence with our updated car insurance!

  • You can compile your own car insurance policy.
  • You may lower your premium.
  • A courtesy car within two hours with Car Breakdown Assistance Insurance in the Netherlands.
  • Personal contact for claims. 
  • Also available if you are self-employed.

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New: choose your own cover

With car insurance from ABN AMRO, you decide exactly how your car is insured. Alongside the mandatory third-party liability cover, you can choose the cover to suit your needs. You’ll only pay for what you choose, and you can easily change your cover at any time!

New: arranged in just two minutes

If you’ve just received the keys to your new car and can’t wait to get driving with the confidence that you're well insured, you can easily arrange your car insurance online in just two minutes. Log in with your 5-digit PIN or your e.dentifier, apply for the cover you need, and get driving safe in the knowledge that you're well insured right away! A confirmation email will be sent to you immediately.

New: immediate assistance in the event of a breakdown with Car Breakdown Assistance Insurance

You use your car a lot, whether it's for work, travelling with your family or taking your children to the sports centre. Trouble getting your car off the driveway, breakdowns and flat tyres are all more likely when you use your car a lot. With Car Breakdown Assistance Insurance, you will receive a courtesy car within two hours if your car can't be repaired on-site (95% of cases based on figures from March/April 2017). Even if your car is damaged. No matter where you are in the Netherlands, we’ll have you back on the road within two hours.

New: personal contact for large claims

Damaging your car causes stress and uncertainty. This is why we'll provide you with assistance without delay. Large or complicated claims require more investigation, and that is why you'll be assigned a personal claims manager. This personal contact will take care of everything for you, answer all your questions, and help keep your stress to a minimum.

New: purchase value covered in case of total loss or theft

If you've owned your car for less than one year and your car is between one and six years old, then the purchase value of your car is covered in the event of a total loss or theft. If your car is less than one year old, then even the replacement value is covered. This only applies if you have taken out either third-party liability insurance plus limited cover or third-party liability insurance plus comprehensive cover for your car. Take a look at the extensive cover options.

New: also available if you are self-employed

Our updated car insurance is also available if you are self-employed. All you have to do is indicate whether you purchased your car inclusive or exclusive of VAT. If you purchased your car exclusive of VAT, claims are then also paid out exclusive of VAT. If you use your car for business purposes or to transport goods or people in return for payment, then this policy is not appropriate for you. You need to insure your car for business purposes instead.

Clear terms and conditions and option to cancel at any time

With our updated car insurance, you can benefit from extensive cover with clear terms and conditions and no small print, written in language that's easy to understand. Please refer to the updated terms and conditions.

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Excellent claims handling service

Damage to your car can be extremely frustrating. With ABN AMRO, you can benefit from our excellent car repair network without having to pay virtually any excess. An excess of €75 applies only for window replacements. With the extensive network of ABN AMRO Verzekeringen, you'll never have trouble finding a car repair service in your car repair service in your area.

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How to submit a claim

Watch the interactive video (in Dutch) below to find out more about how to submit a claim.

Schade melden bij ABN AMRO: snel en vakkundig

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More insurance policies equals more discount

If you take out more than two non-life insurance policies in a single package with ABN AMRO, you are eligible for a discount. If car insurance is your third insurance policy, we will also give you a discount on your first two insurance policies.

- If you have three insurance policies, you receive a 3% discount.
- If you have four insurance policies, you receive a 4% discount.
- If you have five or more insurance policies, you receive a 5% discount.

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