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KinderToekomst Spaarrekening

A good start in life for your child

KidsFuture Savings Account

You want your (grand)child to get a good start in life. Financially too. So why not start setting money aside now? Open a KidsFuture Savings Account now and help your (grand)child to go to university, get a driving licence or find a place of their own.

Flexibel sparen met een mooie rente: Direct Sparen

Save when it's convenient

A flexible savings account

You prefer to save when it's convenient. But what if you suddenly need to make a larger purchase? Simply withdraw the amount you need. There's nothing to it with Direct Savings.

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    A good start in life for your child
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    Save when it's convenient

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Before you know it, it's yours

Save automatically

Sparen zonder dat u er omkijken naar heeft

Make saving easy with Automatic Savings. All you have to do is set up one order to save automatically and set aside a nice sum without even noticing.