Fraud and secure banking

Together, we keep fraudsters out

Secure banking is something we need to work on together. We show you how to recognise fraud and give you tips on how to keep your banking secure. If you suspect that you have been a victim of fraud, find out how to report it.

Beware of the latest scamming tricks

Combination of fraud tricks

Fraudsters often combine multiple types of fraud in order to make themselves look even more credible. You might receive a WhatsApp message containing a payment request from someone pretending to be an 'acquaintance'. Then somebody posing as a bank employee might ring you asking you to transfer money to a 'vault' account.

Learn to recognise fraud. We will never ask you to transfer money, and 'vault' accounts do not exist.

Bank helpdesk fraud

Fraudsters are increasingly posing as 'bank employees'. Never install software that an 'employee' can use to access your banking environment. We will never ask you to download software.


Other important information

Blog: friend in need fraud

'Hi Mum, I have a new number because my phone died on me. Could you send me a bit of money please?' That is how a chat conversation with a fraudster might start. Of course, anyone is happy to help out a loved one, but talk to the other person using a different method before transferring money.

Confirm your personal details

Together, we can continue banking securely. Having your correct personal information helps us prevent others from misusing your account. That is why we regularly ask you to check and confirm your details.

How does ABN AMRO prevent fraud?

However you pay, withdraw money or transfer money, we do our best to make sure you can do so safely. For example, we close down scam accounts and try to identify fraudulent payments. Want to find out what else ABN AMRO does to combat fraud?