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Pas kwijt op vakantie? Blokkeer 'm via de app of Internet Bankieren

Lost your debit card?

It's easy to block it yourself

If you lose your debit card, there’s no need to call us. You can easily block your card yourself either in the app or on Internet Banking. If you find your card again, it's just as simple to unblock it.

Tienermeisje dat aan het shoppen is

A debit card for your teenager?

Choose the Youth Account

Teenagers want to do everything themselves. Including spending money with their own debit card. With a Youth Account, you help your child gain financial independence. While you stay in control.

Sneller inloggen en uw saldo bekijken met uw persoonlijke identificatiecode

You have lost your identification code?

Creating a new one is easy

If you have lost your identification code, just create a new one on Internet Banking, and you can log in again straight away. You can use the same code for the Mobile Banking app.

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    Lost your debit card?
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    A debit card for your teenager?
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    You have lost your identification code?

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