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Banking made easy with ABN AMRO

One of the first things you need to arrange in the Netherlands is opening a bank account. An ABN AMRO bank account comes with a debit card. Most Dutch people use a debit card to pay for everyday things such as food, drinks and clothing. In addition, we use a credit card for holidays abroad or for large purchases.

Behind the scenes

Did you know that a debit card has become increasingly smarter over the years? And did you know that thousands of people work at ABN AMRO every day to keep payment transactions secure? Now take a behind-the-scenes look at your bank account.

Paying with Google Pay

Want to make super-fast payments with your Android mobile phone? You're in luck! With Google Pay you pay contactless, fast and simple. Without using your debit card.

Paying with Apple Pay

Want to pay everywhere contactless, safely and easily without your wallet? You can with Apple Pay. Instead of using your debit card you use your iPhone or Apple Watch. As easy as pie. Apple pie, obviously.

Getting to grips with your finances

Ever wondered how you spend your money? The Grip app gives you a convenient breakdown of your expenditure. Easy and convenient!

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