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Fraud and secure banking

Together, we keep fraudsters out

Secure banking is something we need to work on together. We show you how to recognise fraud and give you tips on how to keep your banking secure. If you suspect that you have been a victim of fraud, find out how to report it.

Beware of the latest scamming tricks

Fake emails and text messages

Scammers send emails and text messages that look like messages from the bank or the tax authorities, for example. The messages will ask you if you want to mail your phone number back. Or you may be asked to approve something because you are getting a tax refund. Do not do this lightly. Please first check that this message and the company are genuine. There are also scammers who ask you to send them your bank card. Don't do it. We will never ask you to send us your bank card.

Scam phone calls

Nowadays, scammers often call 06 numbers pretending to be employees working for authorities such as the police. A common scam is a telephone call in English on behalf of The National Police of the Dutch Supreme Court. A tape might play telling you that your BSN number has been misused. Do not respond to requests over the telephone. Never share information to verify your identity and never transfer money to secure it. Real authorities will not ask you to do this. 

Bank help desk fraud

Fraudsters are increasingly posing as 'bank employees'. A fake bank employee may call you with a phone number that matches the bank's number. Such an 'employee' might say that someone else has access to your account. This 'employee' proposes to help you remotely. Never install software that an 'employee' can use to access your banking environment. We will never ask you to download software.


Other important information

New: the Savings Lock

Just imagine: one fake phone call and your savings are gone! It happens more often than you’d expect. To make sure you don’t fall prey to scammers’ tricks and lose your savings, check out the free Savings Lock, the key to your savings account. Extra protection for you and your savings.

Confirm your personal details

Together, we can continue banking securely. Having your correct personal information helps us prevent others from misusing your account. That is why we regularly ask you to check and confirm your details.

How does ABN AMRO prevent fraud?

However you pay, withdraw money or transfer money, we do our best to make sure you can do so safely. For example, we close down scam accounts and try to identify fraudulent payments. Want to find out what else ABN AMRO does to combat fraud?