Blocking your debit card

Block your debit card quickly and easily using Internet Banking or the Mobile Banking app. Find out how.

Geld overmaken via Mobiel Bankieren app

Mobile Banking app

  1. Tap ‘Self-service’.
  2. Select the correct account.
  3. Select ‘Block debit card’.
  4. Confirm your selection.
Geld overmaken via Internet Bankieren

Internet Banking

  1. Log in with your identification code.
  2. Click the ‘Manage’ tab.
  3. Select ‘Payment profile’.
  4. Select ‘(Un)block/replace debit card’.
  5. Block your debit card and enter your identification code to confirm.

Unblocking your debit card is just as easy

Found your debit card? You can just as easily unblock it.

Make payments with these alternatives, without your debit card

Pay using your Wallet

Make a contactless payment using your Android phone. Very useful if you do not have your debit card.

Stand-By Service

Debit card lost abroad

You can still block your debit card quickly when abroad. Simply use Internet Banking or the Mobile Banking app.

Credit card

Credit card payments are just as easy and secure as debit card payments.