Requesting a debit card

Replacement debit card

You can easily request a new debit card using Internet Banking or in the Mobile Banking app, which can really come in handy if you lose your debit card or if it gets stolen or damaged.
Geld overmaken via Mobiel Bankieren app

Mobile Banking app

  1. Select ‘Self-service’. 
  2. Select the correct account. 
  3. Select ‘(Un)block/replace debit card’. 
  4. Confirm your selection. 
  5. Enter your identification code to complete the process. 

You will then receive your debit card within 5 working days.

Geld overmaken via Internet Bankieren

Internet Banking

  • Request completed within 2 minutes. 
  • Your new debit card will be ready for use within 5 working days.

How to get a new debit card in 3 steps

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