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Applying for a loan

A competitive interest rate, favourable loan conditions and expert advice if you need it. Our loans give you peace of mind. All you need to do to apply for a loan is go online.

Personal loan

  • Receive your money as a lump sum
  • Fixed interest rate, fixed term
  • No fee for additional repayments

Current interest rates

View the interest rates we charge for our most popular loans.

Calculation example of a personal loan

This table is for illustrative purposes only. The rate of interest we’ll charge for your loan will vary depending on your personal and financial situation and the amount you borrow. View the different interest rates we charge for a personal loan.

Amount borrowed Monthly payment Fixed borrowing rate/annual percentage rate Term Total cost of loan
€ 10.000 € 189,52 5,3% 60 months € 11.371
€ 15.000 € 279,68 4,6% 60 months € 16.781
€ 25.000 € 461,78 4,2% 60 months € 27.707
€ 50.000 €919,21 4,0% 60 months € 55.153

The term of a personal loan ranges between 12 months and 144 months. The annual percentage rate (APR) expresses all costs associated with the loan. Apart from interest, there will be no additional cost. 

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