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Interest rate Netherlands

Mortgage interest rates

 The amount of the mortgage in relation to the market value
Last update
National Mortgage Guarantee 65% MV >65% t/m 85% MV  >85%MV
  tariff class N tariff class A  tariff class B  tariff class C
variable 1.55% 1.60% 1.75% 2.00%
1 year 1.44% 1.49% 1.64% 1.89%
2 years with 2 years i.r.c.p.* 1.49% 1.54% 1.69% 1.94%
3 years with 2 years i.r.c.p.* 1.54% 1.59% 1.74% 1.99%
5 years 1.64% 1.69% 1.84% 2.09%
6 years 1.69% 1.74% 1.89% 2.14%
7 years with 2 years i.r.c.p.* 1.75% 1.80% 1.95% 2.20% 
10 years 1.94% 1.94% 2.09% 2.34%
12 years with 2 years i.r.c.p.* 2.20% 2.25% 2.40% 2.65%
15 years 2.44% 2.54% 2.64% 2.89% 
17 years with 2 years i.r.c.p.* 2.49% 2.59% 2.69% 2.94%
20 years  2.64% 2.74% 2.84% 3.04%
25 years 3.85% 3.95% 4.05% 4.30% 
30 years 3.85% 3.95% 4.05% 4.30%
Here you will find an overview of the interest rates applicable in combination with an ABN AMRO payment package and an Level Payment Mortgage (a surcharge applies to some repayment forms).  

* i.r.c.p. = interest rate consideration period: with an interest period with a consideration period you decide for yourself in the final two years when you want the new fixed interest period to commence.


Bridging loan

Last update: 01-06-2018
The interest rate is: 2.05%


Example calculation

The following table shows the effect of taking out an Level Payment Mortgage with National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG), a payment package and a Woning Mortgage with a fixed interest period of 10 years.

This sample calculation is for a Level Payment Mortgage (Annuiteiten  Hypotheek). The term is 30 years. You can choose other types of mortgages and terms if you wish.
In this sample calculation, we assume that your home is used as collateral. You may have to take out a mortgage life insurance. For example, if you choose a mortgage that falls under the National Mortgage Guarantee Scheme (Nationale Hypotheek Garantie (NHG)). The sample calculation does not include fees for a mortgage life insurance.

A Level Payment Mortgage is paid back every month at a fixed amount. The composition of the amount is different every month. In the beginning, most of your mortgage payment will be allocated to the interest, and a small portion will be allocated to the loan itself. Later, most of your mortgage payment will be allocated to the loan, and a small portion will be allocated to the interest. The amount before interest and repayment shown in the table applies to the first month.

Type of mortgage: Level Payment
Mortgage amount   Nominal interest rate Annual cost in percent  Interest  redemption Term in years Gross monthly amount Total cost of the mortgage
 €200.000  1.99% 2.01%   €332.00  €406.00  30  €738.00  €265.766

This relates to a non-continuous form of credit secured by a mortgage. Credit check carried out with the Central Credit Registration Office (BKR) in Tiel. No rights may be derived from the published rates. The total cost of the credit is based on an unchanged interest rate throughout the whole term. The actual cost of the credit may differ from this.

* With a Level Payment Mortgage you can choose between various terms. This example is based on a term of 30 years (360 months). 

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