View and change insurance

View and change insurance

Frequently asked questions

Your package number can be found on your policy schedule or in Internet Banking.

We understand how difficult and painful it is losing a loved one. It can be challenging trying to cope with all the decisions and arrangements that need to be made. If the deceased was a customer of ABN AMRO, there are certain things you need to do and should know. Including about insurance. The insurance policies can continue in the name of the surviving partner, if he or she is already an ABN AMRO customer and lived with the deceased at the same address. Insurance can also be discontinued. More information.

If you have a joint account, then one of you is the policyholder. Only the policyholder can view the insurance policies in Internet Banking. Log into Internet Banking and view your insurance policies in your product overview.

When you move abroad, your non-life insurance policies will be terminated. Contact us and avoid being uninsured or underinsured later.

You can change your direct debit date and bank account number through an adviser. Please contact us for this.