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Taking out home insurance

Now with a 20% discount

Carefree living with our home insurance policies

Damage to your home or belongings caused by things like fire, storm or water is already unpleasant enough. We help you settle your claims quickly so that you can be comfortable in your home again.

Home contents insurance, home insurance and liability insurance fall under ABN AMRO’s home insurance policies. They fit together perfectly. This way, you never pay too much and can be sure you are properly insured.


Get a 20% discount now on every new home insurance policy

If you take out a new home insurance policy now, you will get a 20% discount on the premium for the first 12 months. This bonus applies to our home contents insurance, home insurance and liability insurance. These policies complement each other perfectly. and give you sound insurance for an attractive price!

See which insurance policies you need in your situation


Home contents insurance

Items in your home, garage or shed insured

  • Convenient for your own or rented home
  • Most popular home insurance policy
  • Underinsurance guarantee

Home insurance

Your home, garage or shed insured

  • Indispensable for your own home
  • Solar panels also insured
  • Glass also insured

Liability insurance

Insured against damage to third parties and their possessions

  • For the entire family
  • No excess
  • Insured worldwide

Do you want to make your home more sustainable?

Your sustainable products, such as your solar panels or charging station, are also well insured with ABN AMRO home insurance and home contents insurance.

Even if they are not directly attached to your home or apartment, but are on your property. They must always be securely fastened or anchored.

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Damage to your home

Damage to your home due to fire, storm or water, for example, is always annoying. That is why we at ABN AMRO do not make it more difficult for you. We help you with a quick and good settlement of claims, so that you can quickly live comfortably again.

Why choose ABN AMRO’s home insurances?

All your insurances under one roof

Guarantee against underinsurance

1 point of contact in the event of major damage

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More insurance, more discount

Taking out a home insurance policy is easily done online. With 3 or more ABN AMRO insurances, you will receive up to 5% bundle discount. How about that!

  • For 3 policies, you get a 3% discount
  • For 4 policies, you get a 4% discount
  • For 5 policies, you get a 5% discount

Frequently asked questions

When taking out a mortgage for an owner-occupied property, it is often mandatory to take out home insurance.

View our home insurance.

It is not mandatory to take out home contents insurance in the Netherlands. Still, it is a nice feeling to know that you are well insured against damage to your belongings, for example if you have a fire or your home is broken into.

View our home contents insurance.

While it is not mandatory to take out liability insurance, it is socially desirable to do so. If you or your family member accidentally causes damage to another person's belongings, you are insured for this and you or the other person will not have to pay the costs yourself.

View our liability insurance.

There is often confusion between home contents and home insurance, as they are very similar. After all, they are both home insurance policies.

With home contents insurance, your belongings in your home, garage and shed are insured. For example, do you have laminate flooring that is not attached to the house? If so, it is also covered by the home contents insurance.

View our home contents insurance.

With home insurance, your house, garage and shed are insured. For example, do you have a floor glued to the house? Or solar panels stuck on the roof? If so, these items are covered by home insurance.

View our home insurance.

Are you a tenant of a house or owner of an apartment? Then solar panels, charging stations, wind turbines and heat pumps and the associated cables installed at your expense are covered if they are attached to your home or are in the yard of your home. They must always be securely fastened or anchored. In other cases you will need home insurance for this. Solar panels may also be weighted on a flat roof.

Do you have your own charging station attached to your home? Then this charging station is insured under ABN AMRO's home insurance.

If your charging station is not attached to your home, but is located on the pavement, for example, it will not be covered by a home contents insurance or home insurance.