IBAN-Name Check

IBAN Name Check will trigger a notification if the name you enter does not match the IBAN that ABN AMRO has on record for that person. This prevents incorrect transfers and helps combat fraud, ensuring the security of your payments. We also check whether the recipient is using the account switching service.

This is how IBAN Name Check works

  • When making a transfer on Internet Banking or in the ABN AMRO app, we automatically check whether the name you provide matches the IBAN.
  • You will get a notification if the name and IBAN you enter differ from those we have on record.
  • If you make a typo (e.g. Jansen instead of Janse), IBAN Name Check suggests a name: ‘Did you mean Janse?’
  • The notification serves both as a warning and a suggestion. It is still you who determines whether to execute or cancel the payment after receiving a notification and you remain responsible for the payments you make.
  • You will also be notified if the recipient is using the account switching service. You will then see the recipient’s new IBAN.

What to do when receiving a notification

If you have received a notification, check the IBAN again. If the IBAN is incorrect, contact the person to whom you are transferring funds. The notification about the new IBAN from the account switching services is purely for information purposes. You can save the recipient’s new IBAN in your address book.

When you can use IBAN Name Check

IBAN Name Check works for payments made on Internet Banking and in the ABN AMRO app. It only works for Dutch current account and savings account numbers held in Euros.

IBAN Name Check does not work for payments you enter using:

  • Acces Online and Access Direct
  • Direct debit
  • Batch
  • iDEAL

Recognising an IBAN Name Check notification

You will only receive a notification if you have entered both the IBAN and the name of the person to whom you wish to transfer funds. The notification will appear under the name field. This also applies to the notification you receive if the recipient is using the account switching service. An example is given below.
IBAN Naam Check voorbeeld melding