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Debit card lost or stolen

Is your debit card lost or stolen? We understand that this is both worrisome and inconvenient for you. Luckily, you can quickly block your debit card, and you can request a replacement card right away. You can do it all quickly yourself in the app or on Internet Banking.

Here's how to block your card


Via Internet Bankieren

Log in met de QR-code en de ABN AMRO app. Of gebruik een extra pas of de pas van uw gezamenlijke rekening om in te loggen.

Here's how to block your card


Using the ABN AMRO app

Open the app and select ‘Payments’ in the top bar. Go to ‘Debit cards’. Select the debit card and tap ‘Block’.


On Internet Banking

Log in with the QR code and the ABN AMRO app, an additional card or the card for your joint account.


Via chat

No longer able to log in to Internet Banking or the app? Chatbot Anna can help you identify yourself in just a few steps That way we know for sure who you are.

No debit card for now? Here's how you can still pay

Withdrawing cash without a debit card

• If you have the ABN AMRO app installed on your phone you can withdraw cash without a debit card.
• If you still have a debit card for another account, transfer money to that account using the ABN AMRO app. Or transfer money to someone else’s account and have them withdraw cash for you.

Paying with your mobile or smart watch

Your iPhone, Android phone or smart watch offers you a quick and easy way to pay contactless anytime, without a debit card. It works exactly the same as contactless payments with your card. Simply hold your phone or smart watch up to the payment terminal.

Using a credit card

You can also make payments or withdraw cash with a credit card, even when you’re abroad. Please note that withdrawing cash with your credit card costs at least €4.50 per withdrawal.


Having trouble doing this online?

If you were unable to block or replace your debit card on Internet Banking, in the app or via the chat, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you over the phone. Do bear in mind that there may be a waiting time.

What does an new debit card cost?

If you have lost your debit card or it has been stolen, you will need to pay €7.50 to have it replaced. Read more about the costs of everyday banking.