Is your data correct?

Your personal data

Make sure all your data is correct

Is your data correct?

  • So we can contact you faster
  • Together, we fight financial crime
  • For a safer financial environment
It is important that your personal data is complete and correct, so that we can reach you if necessary. If your details change, please update them straight away. We may also ask you to provide personal details (such as your ID), or to check and confirm them. Below we explain why we ask you to do this.
Check your personal data

Why the correct personal data?

We ask you to check and confirm your data periodically:

  • So that we can contact you if necessary 
    For example, we can call you if there is an urgent issue or ensure that your debit card and other confidential post are delivered to the correct address.

  • To fight financial crime 
    We want to prevent your account from being misused. This is why we constantly check our clients' personal data and ask you to confirm your data. We have an obligation to do so under the Dutch Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act. 

Frequently asked questions

It is correct that we ask you to check and confirm your data periodically. We will always ask you to do this in Internet Banking or the ABN AMRO app. In other words: in your secure environment. 
We're only interested in your personal data. We will never ask you for your user name, password or PIN number, and never by email, telephone or any other communication method. For more information, check out our 'Secure banking' page.  
The 'Personal data' page contains the following details: 
  • Name, initial(s), first name(s), date of birth
  • Telephone number(s)
  • Email address
  • Address details
  • Country or countries where you are liable to pay tax and Citizen Service Number (BSN). NB: only change this if you are sure it has changed.
If we asked you to check and confirm your data and you have done it, we will send you a confirmation within a few days through Bankmail and email (if your email address is in our system).
If you bank with us, we use your personal data. There are rules for handling personal data and we follow them. 
It goes without saying that we can’t just ask for or use your personal data. We can only do so for good reason. To guarantee your security while you bank, we need your details to be complete and up-to-date.
Read our Privacy Statement to find out more about how we handle personal data.
We use your Citizen Service Number (burgerservicenummer or BSN in Dutch), Tax Identification Number (TIN) and/or Social Security Number (SSN) to share financial information such as account balances with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. If the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration has all your data, you can use the helpful pre-completed tax return.
Passing on financial information to the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration is a legal requirement. We can only do this if we have your BSN, TIN and/or SSN. We also need our clients’ BSN in the context of the deposit guarantee scheme operated by the De Nederlandsche Bank (Dutch Central Bank). 
If you need help, you’re welcome to call us on +31 (0)88 – 2262613 from Monday to Friday (8 a.m. to 9 p.m.) and on Saturday (9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.). We’re happy to help.

Secure banking

Please be careful with your personal data. ABN AMRO employees will never ask you for your user name, password or PIN code. Not by email, telephone or any other communication method. We are happy to tell you more about secure banking.