ABN AMRO Credit Card

ABN AMRO Credit Card

Our most popular Credit Card

ABN AMRO Credit Card

€ 1.701.70

per month

  • Most popular credit card
  • Handy while travelling: pay securely, worldwide
  • 180 days: purchases insured against damage or loss

Why apply for a ABN AMRO Credit Card

Thank you for considering a Credit Card: great choice! Take a look at the extras you will receive. And how to apply for your Credit Card easily.

Apply online in an instant


Apply for your credit card and check your details. If these are incomplete, first add the missing information . On receiving your application,  International Card Services (ICS) will check this over .

Choose your PIN once your application has been processed, so that you will receive your credit card sooner. Once you have submitted your application, ICS will send you an email stating how to do this.
Once ICS has approved your application, you will receive your credit card at your home address within 5 to 10 days.

Who can apply for a Credit Card?

creditcard online

18 or older

You must be 18 or older to apply for a Credit Card.


Living in the Netherlands

You need to be living in the Netherlands to apply for a Credit Card.

Monthly income

Your net monthly income is at least €1,150. This means that you will not qualify for a Credit Card if you are on benefits.

Credit card online

Useful extras

With a Credit Card you have many useful extras:

  1. Delivery guarantee: get your money back if your order is not delivered
  2. Luggage delay insurance: receive compensation if your luggage does not arrive at the destination within 4 hours after you arrived
  3. Flight delay insurance: have your hotel expenses reimbursed if your flight has been delayed by more than 4 hours