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Mobile Banking

Met de Mobiel Bankieren app heeft u altijd toegang tot uw bankzaken, waar en wanneer u dat wilt.

Access to your money anywhere, any time

Mobile Banking app

  • Check your balance on the spot

  • Transfer funds, even faster

  • View your credit card payments

Check your balance

With the Mobile Banking app, you'll always know your balance. You can see right away how much you have in your account, wherever you are. You can also view your transactions, which is useful if you need to know whether a payment has gone through. Of course, you can do a whole lot more with this app too. Check out all the features of Mobile Banking.

Transfer funds, even faster

It's incredibly useful now and then to be able to transfer funds fast, anywhere, any time. Like when you need to get money quickly from your savings account to your current account. Or if you want to pay someone back right away. No need to worry about it later. Read more about transferring funds with the Mobile Banking app.

Altijd en overal uw creditcardbetalingen bekijken

View your credit card payments

The Mobile Banking app lets you view your credit card payments too. So now you'll always know exactly what you've paid for with your card. No matter where you are, on holiday or on the road, you can always manage your finances with the Mobile Banking app. Check out the app's other features.

Manage your debit card's settings yourself

Do you need to pay or withdraw more than usual this one time? Now, using the app, you can temporarily raise the limit on your debit card. And if you want to use your debit card outside Europe, you can simply change your payment profile using the Mobile Banking app. You decide when the change will take effect, and for how long. Download the Mobile Banking app.

Regel zelf de instellingen van uw betaalpas

Scan acceptgiros

Do you ever type in the details from an acceptgiro when making a payment? Well, you'll never need to again with the Mobile Banking app. Simply use the camera on your smartphone or tablet to scan the acceptgiro. The app automatically uses the payment details to create a payment order. You can then send the payment from the payment screen. Check out the app's other features.

Secure Mobile Banking

Safe and secure banking is top of mind at ABN AMRO. We do everything we can to ensure that the Mobile Banking app is as secure as it can be. You can help too, by never telling anyone your codes and not using 'open' wireless networks, for example. Learn more about secure Mobile Banking.

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