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Help using the ABN AMRO app

What topic can we help you with?

What exactly is an identification code? What happens if you lose your phone? And what can you do if you don’t have a device for the app? We’d be happy to explain. If you need more help, watch our help videos for a step-by-step explanation or take a free course on the app at home. Choose the help that is right for you. 

What others asked about the app

What is an identification code?

When you initially set up the app, you choose a 5-digit code. This secures your app. We ask for the code for various banking transactions. When you log in, for example, and when you make transfers.

How do I log in with the app?

Open the app. Tap the scanner symbol in the upper-left corner. Go to the log-in screen on Internet Banking and scan the QR code you see there. Enter your identification code to log in.

What if I lose my phone?

Your app is secured with your identification code, your fingerprint, or facial recognition. No one else can gain access to your app easily. But you still need to take action as soon as possible. Delete the access permission for your old phone on Internet Banking.

Do I have to do my banking with the app?

You certainly don’t have to use your phone for banking. There are plenty of clients who only use the app to log in to Internet Banking. So you can see the app as a replacement for the e.dentifier.

More help with the app and online banking

Online banking help videos

You can do most of your banking yourself online. In our help videos, we help you get started step by step. We help you block your debit card, log in to the ABN AMRO app, and more. And what’s very useful is that you can pause or go back whenever you want.

Can I take an online banking course?

ABN AMRO offers various free online banking courses in Dutch every month. If you want one-on-one guidance in English, sign up for a personalised course. You will then get personal online banking help and take the course together with an adviser, in English.

Online banking with a disability

Are you sight or hearing impaired? Have difficulty reading and writing? Or do you have a family member or friend with a disability? We offer additional explanation and help resources so that everyone can bank online.


Help downloading and activating the app

If you’re about to start using the ABN AMRO app for the first time, it just takes a few steps to install it on your phone or tablet. We’ll help you on your way towards downloading, activating and using the app.

Questions about logging in with the app

When you use the ABN AMRO app for the first time, you set your own 5-digit identification code. For more information about downloading the app and using it for the first time, see our Getting started with the ABN AMRO app page.

Yes, you can still use the e.dentifier to log in to Internet Banking after installing the app. Note that we will phase out the e.dentifier altogether in the future. The ABN AMRO app will then replace the e.dentifier. 

You can already replace the e.dentifier with the app by using the app to log in to Internet Banking on your PC or laptop. This is not only convenient because your phone is often within easy reach anyway, it’s also more secure because you can continuously update the app - and the security features - to the latest version. Find out more about logging in using the app.

Questions about using the app

If you install the ABN AMRO app on your mobile device, you can still do you banking on your PC or laptop. You can choose to use the app just for logging in to Internet Banking. You can of course also do your banking in the app, but you don’t have to.

You can see on your device which version of iOS, iPadOS or Android you are using. This information is shown in the settings. If you have an Android device, the information is generally shown under the ‘software’ or ‘software information’ heading. On a device running iOS or iPadOS, you should look under the ‘info’ or ‘about’ heading.

If your device has at least Android 9 or iOS or iPadOS 15, you can use the ABN AMRO app. If the version is lower, check whether you can install an update. If you can’t, your device is not suitable.

You can add an extra profile in the ABN AMRO app. That’s useful if you have both a personal account and a business current account with us, as you always have easy access to your banking, but under separate profiles. Find out how to add your business profile.

  • Remove the app from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Remove your registration in Internet Banking. 

Questions about the security of the app

The ABN AMRO app is secure. The ABN AMRO app and Internet Banking are both completely closed environments. Your data is encrypted and transmitted via a secure connection. If you’re still having doubts about the app’s security, we’d be happy to tell you more and show you why the app is so secure.

No, they can’t. The app is secured with your identification code, your fingerprint, or facial recognition. Your banking details are not accessible to anyone else. We recommend that you delete your device registration for the ABN AMRO app. You can do this yourself in Internet Banking. You can log in to Internet Banking with:

  • a phone borrowed from someone close to you, such as a family member or your partner;
  • a tablet or iPad, if you have one;
  • an old phone.

You need to activate the ABN AMRO app again on this alternative device, and you’ll need your ID to do that. You can then log in to Internet Banking and delete the registration for the device you've lost. If this is not possible, or something keeps going wrong, simply call us.

We work on security and improvements every day. As a result, we can regularly offer you a new version of the app If your mobile phone with the ABN AMRO app lets you know that a new update is available, you should install it immediately. This ensures that the app is always secure to use.

No, they can’t. Like Internet Banking, the ABN AMRO app is a completely closed environment.