Internet Banking and Mobile Banking

Pay with Apple Pay

Paying with Apple Pay

Want to pay everywhere quickly and easily without your wallet? You can with Apple Pay. Instead of using your debit card you use your iPhone or Apple Watch. As easy as pie. Apple pie, obviously.

Log in zonder e.dentifier

Logging in using a QR code or e.dentifier

You can no longer use your identification code to log in to Internet Banking. What you can do is log in with a QR code. You will then be using the Mobile Banking app instead of the e.dentifier. If you prefer to log in with the e.dentifier, you still can.

Problemen met Internet Bankieren oplossen

Having problems with Internet Banking?

We’re sorry to hear that. Luckily, you will often be able to troubleshoot this yourself. Read our step-by-step instructions to find out how. You will start with the solution that has proven to be the most effective in most cases.

About the e.dentifier

Can I borrow your e.dentifier?

Did you know that you can also use another person’s e.dentifier and vice versa? Your e.dentifier is not personal. Your debit card and log-in details are, of course.

Disposing of an old e.dentifier

If you have an old e.dentifier, or the battery has run out, don’t simply throw it away — you need to put it in a ‘small chemical waste’ bin. Ask your council for details.