Help with the ABN AMRO app

Easily find what you are looking for in the app

Do you know what you can do with the ABN AMRO app? You can use it to do more than you might think. Read our tips for the most useful and popular features, and discover where to find them in the app.


What you can do under 'Accounts'

This is where you will find all your current, savings and investment accounts. You can check your balance and transactions and make transfers. But there are even more features!

  • Add current accounts held with other banks
  • Use the acceptgiro scanner for faster acceptgiro payments. You no longer have to type in the amount and reference number. Here’s how: 1. Tap the camera icon next to ‘Payment reference’ when making your transfer to activate the acceptgiro scanner. | 2. Scan the white strip at the bottom of the acceptgiro. | 3. The acceptgiro scanner will also enter the recipient's name if it is already in your address book.
  • View rejected payments
  • Place investment orders
  • View your transactions
  • View credit card payments
  • Transfer funds > The app also lets you transfer large amounts. Transfers of up to €250,000 to all IBAN numbers within the Netherlands and Europe.
  • International transfers
  • View scheduled payments
  • You can assign a photo and name to each of your accounts, making them easy to recognise. Tap on a transaction and add a photo by tapping the pencil icon.
  • If you have an ABN AMRO mortgage, tap on it in the account overview to instantly see all the details of your mortgage. Tap the pencil icon to see what you can change. If you need your e.dentifier, this will be indicated.
  • View scheduled payments
  • The reply payment feature allows you to make transfers to accounts that you have sent money to before. Tap on a previous payment and select ‘transfer’. The name and account number will be filled in automatically.
  • Check your balance
  • Set a savings goal

If one of your accounts is missing, Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Accounts and payments’ and select ‘Account overview’. Select the accounts you want to see in your account overview. If a specific account is not listed, you may not be authorised for the account.

What you can do on the 'Self-service' tab

This is where you can manage many things for your ABN AMRO products, such as block your debit card or make a claim on your travel insurance. And you can also apply for a new product!

  • Block/unblock your debit card
  • Go to ‘Self-service’, tap the Jongerengroeirekening, followed by 'Electronic banking for children.' Enable the ABN AMRO app and select your settings, such as if your child is allowed to make iDEAL payments or if you want to approve all amounts first.
  • Request a debit card
  • Cancel printed account statements
  • If you want to be able to make larger PIN payments or withdrawals for a specific period of time, or make a single larger PIN payment or withdrawal than usual, visit the ‘Self-service’ tab make the required change. Tap your current account, followed by the icon for your debit card and ‘Withdrawal limit’ or ‘Payment limit’. You can then select an amount.
  • Your debit card's default settings only allow you to make payments and withdrawals within Europe. If you are travelling outside Europe, set your payment profile to 'World.' Here’s how: tap your current account, followed by your debit card and 'Payments/withdrawals abroad'. Then select ‘World’. Want to disable it? Follow the same steps and select ‘Europe’.
  • If you have multiple accounts or also other ABN AMRO products, such as an insurance policy or a mortgage, you will find more and more of them in ‘Self-service’. Tap on it to see what you can change.
  • If you have annual travel insurance with us, tap on it to make a claim right away. We are working hard to also make this possible for other kinds of insurance.

What you can do under the 'bell' icon

Under 'messages' via the 'bell' icon on the top left of your screen in the app, you can see whether you have received a message from us. Read more about messages in the app. Under 'Task list' you can also send orders, which you can confirm using your identification code or fingerprint. Did you know that you can  This option is available when you have created more than one transfer. Select ‘Transfer’, then tap ‘Extra transfer’ to create another transfer, followed by ‘Next’. Use the yellow button to send them all at once. Alternatively, you can select just one or a few transfers and send them using the grey button. The rest will be saved in your task list.

What you can do under 'Settings'

The 'Settings' tab lets you edit your personal details, choose a new identification code, reorder your accounts and much more. This is also where you enable the fingerprint feature or set up payment alerts.

Login with QR

You can log in to Internet Banking via the QR icon at the top left of the screen in the app. You no longer need an e.dentifier to log in. When logging into Internet Banking, scan the QR code with the ABN AMRO app and confirm.


You can call us directly from the app using the help icon in the bottom menu. Tap the icon, scroll down and tab 'Call customer services'. Select the reason for your call. You will be able to see the estimated waiting time immediately.