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Mortgage With Advice

After the orientation meeting, you can proceed with advice. The advice session starts with a comprehensive analysis of your financial situation, including any risks you might be exposed to when taking out a mortgage. You will also get advice on how to eliminate or reduce those risks.

Execution only

In some cases, you can choose to arrange your mortgage yourself. You will then not be charged any advice fees, but you will still be charged the usual handling fee. To be able to arrange a mortgage yourself, you will be required to take a knowledge and experience test first.

Frequently asked questions

The advice fee you pay covers personal advice from an adviser and an advice report. This is a fixed fee that does not depend on your mortgage amount. At the initial orientation meeting, you will not yet receive advice. This meeting is, therefore, not subject to the advice fee.

In some cases you can apply for a mortgage without mortgage advice first. You can also do so, for example, when increasing your existing mortgage or remortgaging. It will save you money in advice and handling fees.

  • Preparing for the orientation meeting
    In order to go into the orientation meeting well prepared, we recommend that you get a few documents together beforehand, such as documents showing your personal details, income details, and your financial obligations. Make sure you have these documents ready to hand at the meeting. 
  • Preparing for the advice session
    Have an advice session coming up? Get a head start by logging in to your personal environment, uploading the required documents, such as your payslip or employer’s statement, and sharing them with the adviser. This way, your adviser will go into the session knowing more about your personal situation. Take a look at the checklist.

A video call with an adviser is the same as an in-person meeting at a branch, but then remotely via a video link. You and the adviser will discuss the same things and you can easily share any documents you need through a link on your screen. See if a video call might be something for you.