Overboeken zonder e.dentifier

Transfer funds without an e.dentifier

Whenever it suits you

If you prefer to make iDEAL payments without using your e.dentifier, you will not need your e.dentifier as long as the total amount remains below your . Your default daily limit is € 5,000. This is the maximum. Follow the instructions below if you want to change it.

Let op

How to set your daily limit

  1. Open the app

    • In the app, go to ‘Profile’ > ‘Accounts and payments’ > ‘Make transfers without the e.dentifier’.
  2. Select an amount

    • Select an amount. You will not need your e.dentifier as long as the total transfer amount and iDEAL payments amount combined is less than your  . If you find that you often do need to use your e.dentifier to confirm payments or transfers, you can increase your daily limit.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are continuously working on improvements. Many of our customers have asked us to make it easier to transfer money without using an e.dentifier, so that is what we've done. You no longer need your e.dentifier to complete a payment, even if you make a transfer to an unknown account.
You can, if that is what you prefer. You can set your yourself. You'll need your e.dentifier if the total of all the amounts you want to transfer on a given day exceeds your daily limit. If you want to use your e.dentifier each time you make a transfer to someone else's account, you should set your daily limit to €0.
It is important for you yourself to be aware of how to use your device and your details securely. Take a look at our security tips. Lost your phone? Find out what your options are.