Log in with QR code

The new way of logging into Internet Banking

Do you enjoy the convenience of banking from your PC or laptop? You can now log in with your phone: your new e.dentifier! The ABN AMRO app has the latest security. Plus, your phone is usually close at hand or even in your hand. You can continue to use Internet Banking as usual; only logging in will be different.


Scan QR code... with the app?

Yes! Go to the Internet Banking login screen. Using the app, scan the QR code with the ABN AMRO logo and log in with your personal identification code. The additional check is similar to entering the PIN and response code on the e.dentifier.

How it works

Open the ABN AMRO app and tap the icon in the upper left corner

1. Open the ABN AMRO app

Open the ABN AMRO app on your phone. Tap the icon in the upper left corner of the login screen and open the QR code scanner.

You can only scan the QR code from the app. If you open the camera on your phone directly and try to scan the code, it will not work.  

Scan the QR-code with the ABN AMRO app

2. Scan the QR-code

Aim your phone at the QR code on the Internet Banking login screen.

The code will be scanned. The app will then show a message that you are logging in to Internet Banking. Tap ‘continue’. 

Enter your identification code in the ABN AMRO app

3. Enter your identification code

Type your 5-digit identification code on the ABN AMRO app screen.

This will log you in on Internet Banking. You can now put your phone away and continue on your computer.  


More information


If you don’t have the app yet

Download the ABN AMRO app and set up an identification code, fingerprint or facial recognition. The app uses the latest security methods. More and more new and secure methods are being introduced, so you can log in with peace of mind and be ready for the future.


The QR code and security

Each QR code is unique and valid for one visit only. If you have not scanned the code after a couple of minutes, click the arrow for a new code. After scanning, confirm your login with your identification code. You can now do your Internet Banking from your PC or laptop.

Frequently asked questions

No, you can continue banking from your PC or laptop. The only difference is that instead of using the e.dentifier, you use the ABN AMRO app to log into Internet Banking. You can obviously keep using the app for banking, but you don't have to.

We will eventually be parting with the e.dentifier. While that device will just keep getting older, we can constantly breathe new life into our ABN AMRO app. We work on security and improvements every day. As a result, we can regularly offer you a new version of the app to ensure that you can keep logging in securely, also in the future. 

We will not be retiring the e.dentifier right away. What we do want to ask you, however, is to try logging in with the QR code now. This way you can become more familiar with this method and feel fully at ease later when you log in using the ABN AMRO app.  

The QR code is displayed on the Internet Banking login screen. If the QR code expires, click the arrow that pops up to generate a new code. Every time you scan a new code, a message will display confirming that you’re about to log into Internet Banking. So you know exactly what is happening.

No. You can block the ABN AMRO app in Internet Banking. While you are doing this, it’s good to remember that your bank account cannot be accessed by anyone. The app is properly protected with your identification code, Touch ID or Face ID.

No. Like Internet Banking, the ABN AMRO app is a completely closed environment.