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Device for the ABN AMRO app

Get familiarised with online banking from the comfort of your home.

How to choose the right smartphone or tablet

If you don’t yet have a device that’s compatible with the ABN AMRO app, we can help you find the right phone or tablet. We’ll share tips and tell you what to look out for.

What smartphones or tablets are compatible with the app?

You can use the ABN AMRO app on an iOS, iPadOS or Android device. It can be a new phone or tablet, or a second-hand one. What’s important is that it runs one of the newer versions of iOS, iPadOS or Android. You can use the app on the following devices:


iOS or iPadOS

  • An iPhone running iOS 15, 16 or 17
  • An iPad running iPadOS 15 or 16


A phone or tablet running Android version 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 or 14

Operating system

If you’ve decided to buy a new device, we advise you to get a phone or tablet that runs at least iOS or iPadOS 15 or Android 12. That way, you’ll be able to use the ABN AMRO app on the same device for several years.


The device should have a camera. You’ll need a camera to log in to Internet Banking with a QR code.


If you’re buying your device online, check the ‘Specifications’ section to see what version of the operating system the phone or tablet has installed. In a shop, the shop assistant can help you find this out.

Operating system

Make sure the device runs at least iOS or iPadOS 15 or Android 12. Ask the shop assistant to check this for you in the device settings.

If you want to keep using the ABN AMRO app for a longer period of time on the same device, we advise you to get one that runs a newer version of Android, iOS or iPadOS.


The device should have a camera. You’ll need a camera to log in to Internet Banking with a QR code.


The ABN AMRO app on a tablet

If you’d prefer not to use the ABN AMRO app on a smartphone, get a tablet instead. You can keep it in a fixed and secure place at home. Also convenient: holding a larger device and seeing a larger version of the app. A tablet connects to your home’s WiFi network, so you won’t need mobile internet. Just make sure your WiFi network is password-protected.


Sharing a device with your partner

You can also share a device with your partner. The two of you can then use the ABN AMRO app on the same device. Make sure, however, that you each create your own profile on the device. You can then log in with your personal identification code. Never share this code with anyone else, not even your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

iOS, iPadOS and Android are operating systems for mobile phones and tablets. These systems also protect your device and keep it secure. iOS and iPadOS are Apple’s operating systems and are always used on iPhones and iPads. Android is Google’s operating system and runs on phones and tablets from different brands, such as Samsung.  

It’s crucial for your device to be secure and stay that way, which is why Apple (iOS and iPadOS) and Google (Android) release security updates several times a year. These updates protect protect your phone or tablet. If a device no longer receives security updates, that means that it is not properly secure.

Google, Apple and the manufacturers decide when a device stops receiving updates. This generally occurs when a device reaches a certain age. iPadOS You are then unable to install a new version of iOS, iPadOS or Android and no longer receive security updates.

We feel it is important that you use the ABN AMRO app on a device that is fully protected. That way you can do your banking securely. This is why the app only works on phones and tablets running a recent version of iOS, iPadOS or Android. 

You can see on your device which version of Android, iOS or iPadOS you are using. This information is shown in the settings. If you have an Android device, the information is generally shown under the ‘software’ or ‘software information’ heading. On a device running iOS or iPadOS, you should look under the ‘info’ or ‘about’ heading.

If your device has at least iOS or iPadOS 15 or Android 9, you can use the ABN AMRO app. If the version is lower, check whether you can install an update. If you can’t, your device is not suitable.

No, you don’t. You can also opt to use the app only to log in to Internet Banking. To do this, simply scan the QR code on the login screen using the scanner in the ABN AMRO app and then enter your personal code on your device. As soon as you are logged in to Internet Banking, you can put your device away and continue banking the usual way, on your laptop or PC.

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Not everyone will find switching to the ABN AMRO app equally easy. This is why we offer extra help to clients who need it. Our free ABN AMRO app course is one example of the help we’re offering. If you need more support, the adviser or financial coach will see what else we can do to help you. We will make sure you can keep doing your banking, now and in the future.

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