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conflict with two cars

Car legal expenses

Assistance for legal disputes involving your car

Something happening to you or your car is always unpleasant, but if you have car insurance with us including the car legal expenses cover, you won’t be on your own. Maybe you’ve been injured and the other party is liable, but you're unable to recover the costs. Just one phone call is all it takes to get help from ARAG’s lawyers. Read on to find out what car legal expenses insurance does and does not cover.

What is included in the car legal expenses cover?

The car legal expenses additional cover option is useful if: 

  • you are entitled to compensation if someone else is liable for the damage; 
  • you have a dispute with a garage or brand dealer; 
  • the government seizes your car; 
  • your driving licence is taken away from you (except in the event of criminal proceedings); 
  • you are prosecuted for involuntary manslaughter or actual bodily harm.

Not included in your car legal expenses cover

The car legal expenses cover never covers damage or losses, such as when: 

  • you engage a third party for legal assistance without ARAG’s permission; 
  • you report the dispute too late, meaning that legal assistance becomes much more difficult and expensive; 
  • the dispute happened in a country that is not specified on the green card; 
  • the dispute relates to a debt that you are unable to pay; 
  • the dispute arose when you were not allowed to drive your car.

When do I need a car legal expenses cover?

If you already have car insurance with us including the third-party liability or third-party liability + limited cover, it is especially useful to take out car legal expenses cover, as you aren’t covered for all risks. However, if you have a legal expenses insurance policy with the Traffic module, you don’t need car legal expenses cover.
conflict with two cars

Discover the Direct Claims Settlement

Someone damaged your car? And are you insured with third-party or third-party liability insurance? Then in many cases you are entitled to the Direct Claims Settlement (DCS). ABN AMRO Verzekeringen arranges the damage caused easily and quickly for you. You no longer have to report this damage to the insurer of the liable party.

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Calculate your premium

Choose which coverage suits you best and calculate your premium. During the calculation, simply check the different coverages to see what this does with your premium.