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Claim-free years and no-claims bonus

Car insurance

When you take out a new car insurance policy, you will always be asked if you have any claim-free years. Claim-free years are the years you have gone without claiming on your previous car insurance. The more claim-free years you have, the higher the no-claims bonus on your premium will be. Read on to find out more about claim-free years and the no-claims bonus.


Why claim-free years?

Each year during which you have car insurance and do not claim on it counts as one claim-free year. In general, the more claim-free years you have, the lower the risk of you causing damage in the future. This is good news for the insurer, which is why you get a higher no-claims bonus if you have a greater number of claim-free years. The bonus can be as much as 80%.

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How many claim-free years do I have?

Your current insurer will be able to tell you how many claim-free years you currently have. It is also stated on your policy. Your claim-free years are also registered in a central database called Roy-data. Your insurer can contact the administrators of the database to ask how many claim-free years you have accumulated. Once you have taken out your car insurance, your new insurer will always check with Roy-data to verify your exact number of claim-free years. If the number of claim-free years you stated in your application differs from the database, your premium will be adjusted.

No-claims bonus for car insurance

Each year during which you have car insurance in the Netherlands and do not claim on it counts as one claim-free year. The table below shows the bonus you will get for your claim-free years. If you have fewer than zero claim-free years, you cannot take out your car insurance online. Please contact us if you want to take out car insurance.

Claim-free years Discount percentage Claim-free years Discount percentage
15 or more 80% 4 64%
14 79% 3 62%
13 78% 2 58%
12 77% 1 54%
11 76% 0 50%
10 75% -1 45%
9 74% -2 38%
8 72% -3 30%
7 70% -4 15%
6 68% -5 0%
5 66%
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Claim-free years and insuring a second car

Do you insure a second car with ABN AMRO? Then you will also receive (part of) the no-claim discount that you accrued for the first car for your second car. If you have accrued no or fewer claim-free years for the second car, the no-claim discount for a second car can rise to a maximum of 70%. Have you built up more claim-free years with the second car than with the first car? Then you will receive a higher no-claim discount for the insurance of the second car. You will also receive this higher discount of up to 70% for your first car.

Frequently Asked Questions about claim-free years:

You will keep your claim-free years in the following situations:

  • Theft and break-ins
  • Fire, storms, natural disasters
  • Window damage
  • Damage caused to your car when transporting an injured person
  • Damage for which the costs can be recovered from another party
  • Injury to a pedestrian or cyclist if you can prove that you were not at fault

If you repay compensation with consequences for claim-free years to ABN AMRO Verzekeringen within 24 months after payment, the claim-free years and no-claim discount will be adjusted.

You may be able to transfer your claim-free years accumulated abroad when you switch to a new Dutch insurer. However, you will need an English-language certificate of no claims bonus from the foreign insurer. This is a certificate from the foreign insurer confirming that the car insurance has been terminated. The certificate also specifies how many claim-free years you have accumulated. Send the certificate of no claims bonus to:
ABN AMRO Verzekeringen
Postbus 10085
8000 GB Zwolle

You get one claim-free year for each year in which you have car insurance in the Netherlands and do not make a claim. The number of claim-free years determines your bonus for your car insurance premium. If you make a claim, a deduction will be made from your number of claim-free years, meaning you lose part of your bonus. If you are a new driver or you often incur damage, your number of claim-free years may drop below zero when you submit a claim. This means that you have a negative number of claim-free years.

You can always opt to pay for the damage yourself. If you do, you will keep your claim-free years. When in doubt as to whether to pay or claim, you can contact us from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 12 pm on +31 (0)38 49 67 123 (usual call charges apply).

No, you cannot use the claim-free years of the first car for the second car. You accrue claim-free years per car that is insured in your name. You can, however, benefit from the accrued no-claims discount for the first car. We calculate this for you and can amount to a maximum of 70%.

If you have accumulated claim-free years driving a company-leased car, you can transfer them to your new insurer. Given that these claim-free years are not registered to your name in the central database, you will need a lease statement from your leasing company. Please forward this lease statement to:

ABN AMRO Verzekeringen
Postbus 10085
8000 GB Zwolle

If you have accumulated claim-free years with your motorcycle, and this was over a period that does not overlap with the claim-free years for your car, you can add these claim-free years to the total on your car insurance.

You can transfer your claim-free years to your partner in the following situations: 

1. After your death
In the event of death, your partner must be registered at the same address and hold a driving licence.
2. In case of divorce
The claim-free years can be divided between you and your ex-partner. The person in whose name the claim-free years are registered determines whether and how the claim-free years are distributed. This requires a signed release form with an allocation of claim-free years.
3. In all other cases
You can transfer your claim-free years to your partner. Your partner must live at the same address and have a driving licence.

If you and your partner drove the same car, but only your partner has accumulated claim-free years, you can use your partner’s claim-free years. Your partner will then have to transfer his or her claim-free years to you using the  release form  (in Dutch).