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Student Package

De voordelige Credit Card voor studenten

Do your banking easily

Studenten Pakket

  • Debit card, Internet and Mobile Banking

  • 10 free payment alerts per month
  • Smart apps: save money with Grip

The package that meets all your wishes

As a student, you need a bank account. Even if it is only to receive your student loan. But you might need insurances or a savings account, too. You can have all of that and more with the Student Package.

Do your banking inexpensively

The advantageous Student Package will be charged for just € 1,55 a month. But that's not the only advantage. You can expand the package with a free savings account or insurances at discounted rates.

Always up-to-date by text or email

You can receive up to 10 payment alerts free of charge. A payment alert is a text or email about a change to your back account. You are immediately informed when your balance exceeds a certain amount or when you receive money from a specific person or company.

Everything you need to know about the Student Package

What is a Student Package (Studenten Pakket)?

The Student Package contains everything you need to do your banking: a bank account, debit card, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

Who is it for?

The Student Package is for students aged 18 to 30 who receive their student loan, vocational/work compensation or study allowance in their ABN AMRO Student Account (Studentenrekening).

Terms and Conditions

Student Package Conditions (pdf, 580kB)  

What does the package consist of?


International Students pay € 1.55 a month for a Student Package.

How to apply

Do you need advice about the Student Package or would you like to apply? Please call us at 0900 - 81 70 (explanation of the rates). You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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