U bent succesvol uitgelogd.


Tips for international students


Your arrival guide

Just like any country, the Netherlands has its own rules and customs, we would like to give you a few tips so that you can quickly find your feet and get the most out of your period of study.


Studying and working in the Netherlands

Once you have decided, you probably can’t wait to start your study in the Netherlands. You will be busy finding a place to live, and maybe, you also want to find a job. Check on what arrangements you will need to make when planning to study and work in the Netherlands. 


Getting ready to live on your own

The moment has finally come: you’re leaving home and heading off to uni! From now on, you’ll really be in charge of your own life. Like every other student who’ll be living on their own, you’ll need to make sure you’re ready. Will you have enough money coming in each month to cover everything?


What is the cost of living in the Netherlands?

Are you moving to the Netherlands to study and perhaps work? Find out what living expenses to expect and how much you are likely to spend on these expenses on a monthly basis.

Person pays with phone on terrace

Payments and cash withdrawals

If you’re an expat, it’s good to know the best way to make payments in the Netherlands. Read on to find out more about the most popular methods used here.


Getting around in The Netherlands

Most Dutch people prefer to get around by bicycle, either a regular bike or an e-bike. If they need to travel further afield, they go by train or bus. Some cities also have a tram or metro. Read more about getting around


If you have a side job, it pays to file your tax return

It’s that time of year again, there’s no escaping it: the government would like to receive our tax returns. Don’t think this applies only to your parents, it also pays to file your tax return if you’re a student. Especially when you have a side job!