Tips for international students

5 reasons to apply for a credit card

5 reasons to apply for a credit card

Every day is a holiday! Whether you’re off for some winter sports, travelling to distant lands or going on a road trip, a credit card is a must-have for your holiday. Here are the top 5 reasons to use a Student Credit Card. Note: you need a Dutch passport to apply.

Insurance for students

Insurance for students

Even if you have health insurance in your home country, you may still need to take out health insurance in the Netherlands as well. And there are also other kinds of insurance that you would be wise to take out.

Moving to the Netherlands

Moving to the Netherlands?

If you are coming to the Netherlands, you will need to make sure you are well prepared. Allow us to give you a few tips to help you on your way. 

Getting around in the Netherlands

Getting around in The Netherlands

Most Dutch people prefer to get around by bicycle, either a regular bike or an e-bike. If they need to travel further afield, they can also go by tram, bus, car or train for instance. Read on to find out your options.

Payments in the Netherlands

Payments and cash withdrawals

If you’re an expat, it’s good to know the best way to make payments in the Netherlands. Read on to find out more about the most popular methods used here.