Payment fees

All fees in 1 overview

Find out all our fees for your monthly payment package or the costs of transferring funds (credit transfer) abroad.


Everyday banking

Find out the fees for everyday banking products such as a payment package, credit card or debit card.

Informatiedocument Vergoedingen

You can find the fees of our payment services in the Informatiedocument Vergoedingen.

Cash withdrawals and deposits

Do you need to withdraw cash from an ATM in the Netherlands or make a deposit to your account? Take a look at our practical overview to find out the costs.

Foreign currency

You will be charged a fee for payments and cash withdrawals abroad, and for foreign currency orders. Find out how much.

Transferring and receiving funds

You want to make a transfer within the Netherlands or abroad, or are you expecting to receive a transfer from abroad? Find out what you will be charged.