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Debit card

Dame bij geldautomaat met een ABN AMRO Betaalpas

The debit card with numerous possibilities

ABN AMRO Betaalpas

ABN AMRO Betaalpas

Withdraw funds worldwide

Making payments, online banking and the peace of mind of always having a means to pay with. All this is possible with ABN AMRO's debit card (Betaalpas). You will receive this debit card when you become a customer. You can use this card around the world to withdraw money wherever you see the PIN, Maestro or Cirrus logo.

The added security of a low withdrawal limit

Each day you can withdraw a maximum amount from any ABN AMRO. This limit has been set for the sake of minimising potential fraud. If your debit card (Betaalpas) gets stolen, it will not be possible to withdraw an amount higher than this limit from your account. If you would prefer a different amount, you can change your limit online.

A PIN code that's easy to remember

Your new debit card comes with a PIN code assigned by ABN AMRO. Would you like to change this PIN code to a number that is easier for you to remember? You can change it any time at one of ABN AMRO's ATMs in The Netherlands, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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