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Doing your banking together

There are various ways of doing your banking together with someone else. This is especially useful when you, a family member, or someone else could do with some help. See below what your options are.

I want to...

Add a joint account holder

If you already have a bank account with us, or if you both have separate accounts, you can easily open a joint account online. With a joint account, you will both own the account and share responsibility for it. This is particularly convenient when you are moving in together or getting married.

Authorise someone to access my account

Authorising someone to access your account means to allow them to do your banking for you as an authorised person. This person will then be allowed to make payments on your behalf, but he/she cannot make any changes to your account. Responsibility for your account will continue to lie entirely with you. Useful for when you need some help doing your banking.

Access to my minor child’s account

As your child’s legal guardian, you can get access to his or her bank account, allowing you to keep an eye on your minor child’s banking activity. You decide together with your child what he or she can and cannot do with his or her account.


Under guardianship

If an account holder is no longer able to handle his or her own financial and personal affairs, a court will issue a guardianship order removing the account holder’s authority to act and appointing a guardian to act as his or her legal representative.


Under administration

Whenever someone is unable to take care of their own finances, an administrator can help. The administrator will then manage the current account and will also be authorised to take out and amend financial products and services.