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Basic Payment Package

The payment package for everyone

The Basic Payment Package includes a current account, debit card and online banking. You decide which payment products you want besides this package. That way, you only pay for what you really need.

If you have a separate current account and would like a package, you can switch to a Basic Payment Package.

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Create your own payment package

The Basic Payment Package contains a current account, a debit card and access to online banking services. It is a flexible payment package, which means you choose what you want in addition to your basic package. For example, you may want to have a credit card or an extra debit card. You only pay for what you use. If something changes, that's no problem. You can easily make changes online.

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Basic Payment Package

Would you like to take out or make changes to a Basic Payment Package? Log in via Internet Banking to arrange this online. Does it concern a change from, for example, a Student Package to a Basic Payment Package? Then your account number, debit card, PIN and log-in codes will remain the same. Useful, right?
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Make payments anywhere, any time

The Basic Payment Package allows you to make transfers and online payments using iDEAL anywhere, any time. Often, the money will appear in the recipient's account straight away. The basic package also allows you to make debit card payments and withdraw cash in euros throughout Europe without paying an additional fee. You can simply use your debit card, wearable or Apple Pay. To make debit card payments and withdraw cash outside of Europe, simply set your payment profile to ‘World’.


Frequently asked questions about the Basic Payment Package

The costs for the Basic Payment Package are provided in the overview of fees.

To check which payment package you currently have, first log in on Internet Banking. Next, go to ‘Self-service’ and click ‘Manage my products’. This is where you will see an overview of all your products, including your payment package.

You can open an account using the ABN AMRO app or by making an appointment online. You do not need to visit a branch. To open a bank account, first of all select the type of bank account you would like. You could select an account for yourself or a joint account with your partner, for example. We will then need some information from you such as your name, address and town/city where you live. Finally, you need to submit your ID using a Dutch identity card or international passport. Once you have entered all of the information, check that everything is correct and confirm your request.